When I send a message through chat or irc it just appears to me

In general, when I am sending messages as a regular user, the message shows as sent only to me, but not to other users. In the same way, when sending a message through an irc system that uses my OAUTH, the message is sent as if there were no errors, but it does not appear to anyone. Is this shadowban?
Can anyone help me?

*it is not with this account that this is happening, but with another
*detail: as a channel mod, I can send messages normally!

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Sounds like you joined and are sending to #ChannelName instead of #channelname

but even when I send it through the normal browser chat this happens, the message appears in the chat as sent, but looking at another account in incognito browsing, the message does not appear

This sounds like something beyond what we can help with on the third party devlopers forum

You need first party support https://help.twitch.tv/

ok do i contact them directly or are you telling me to look up faq answers?
Just to be clear, the account is new, is this relevant?

You are asking a question beyond my knowledge to answer.

I’m just a third party developer you are having an issue with the first party website.

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Hey St1np,

Did you get any info around that? It looks like we are struggling with the exact same issue…

Please let us know.

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