Which county user joining your stream from?

Hi, Colleagues. I’m a starter dev ) dont mind me if my question is stupid.
I wondering how to check a twitch user(viewer) via javascript which country he joining your stream from?
I really appreciate your responds <3

You can’t.

You get no information about a viewer other than their name and the details of their public profile, which at no point providers any personal information. Including but not limited to the users country of origin.

You can look at your Stats Panel to see the country distribution but that is not linked to a specific user

Thanks man!:confused:

If by “javascript” you mean a script placed on your website, you should be able to use common browser tools to request permission to get the user’s position, though i have never worked with that.
If you are receiving a http request via node.js, you should have their ip, which you could determine their location from, tho not accurately.
But other than that, you can always ask the user to manually input it, otherwise. Though in general you should be careful with using/collecting information about a user without their consent - some people dont like that.

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