120 Hz / 60 Hz HDMI output?!

I bought a 2nd PC for my 2 PC setup.
I installed Windows 10 but I have a BIG problem with Windows 10…

  1. Monitor = 120 Hz
  2. Monitor = 60 Hz
    When I play on Monitor 1 (120 Hz) while watching a twitch video on Monitor 2 (60 Hz) it feels like the Monitor 1 Hz goes down from 120 Hz to something like 60 Hz or so.
    It just feels “unsmooth”. I play the game in “Fullscreen (Windowed)”. When I switch the game to “Fullscreen” (real fullscreen) it’s smooth…

The same for “duplicate”. When I duplicate my 120 Hz Monitor to the 2nd 60 Hz Monitor (HDMI output 60 Hz) it’s unsmooth too.
Only when I play the game in REAL Fullscreen, it’s “smooth”.
If you want to read about it in detail, see my Forum Post:

Now my question to you:

Since I can’t use “duplicate” with Windows 10 because it’s lowering my 120 Hz Monitor to something lower… I need an external way to get my Monitor (120 Hz DVI) to HDMI 60 Hz for my CaptureCard.
Any Ideas?!

I mean it’s just a little bit unsmooth… it’s just strange. I’m not sure if I had this “unsmoothness” with Windows 7 too. sigh
This is driving me crazy since 3 days. I’m testing since more then 30h in time. To FIX this Windows 10 issue.
I did not stream for like 1 1/2 month because I worked more to be able to effort my 2nd PC. And now this trouble …

I hope you can help me. Maybe you know an external way to get my 120 Hz to HDMI 60 Hz :slight_smile:
This would be the best solution. The best way to bring it to my CaptureCard.
Duplicate in Windows takes “hardware resources” anyways. So the external solution would be the best anyways.

I just want to play with 120 or 144 Hz, while the CaptureCard gets 60 Hz HDMI…
I don’t want to play with 60 Hz. That’s why I bought a 2 PC setup to enjoy gaming in full quality.

I guess I’m in the wrong Forum here?! I find no topic.
Guess this is only a dev forum? If so I’m sorry just delete the post then :-\

This is a developers forum, you might try asking those in the OBS or Xsplit community - or whatever streaming software that you happen to use. There are probably folks there that have similar setups and might have some hints or advice!


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