🔸 20-28 June 2018 – TwitchDev European Tour

This summer, the Twitch Developer team is traveling to three cities across Europe as part of the Twitch Developer Tour. We can’t wait to meet with our community and talk about our programs for developers and creators.

London, Berlin, and Stockholm – join us for an evening of sharing information, experiencing a live demo, and networking with your Twitch community.

Where to find us

  • London – 20 June
  • Berlin – 26 June
  • Stockholm – 28 June

Here’s what we have planned in each city

  • Information: Hear from Jt Gleason and Emily Rose. Learn about Twitch developer products and opportunities to build on the Twitch live experience.
  • Network: Meet with other developers and streamers in your city.
  • Fun: Drinks, lots of food, and Twitch gear!
  • One-on-one Meetings: Our team will be holding one-on-one meetings to help answer any questions you have about Twitch integrations. Sign up here.

Can’t be there in person? Our Stockholm event will be streamed from the /TwitchDev channel – request a reminder!



Have a quick question. Sent an application for London event. Got a message “You’re in”. But when I click on “Reserve your space” and try to submit my email address - I am getting “You are not currently on the guest list.Please contact the event organizer for more information.” Does it mean that London event is already full?

Kind Regards.

At least you’ve had a response. The London event is in 2 weeks and I haven’t had any reply, to either my one-on-one request, or even the event itself which I had hoped to attend even if there wasn’t time to slot me in for a one-on-one to ask some questions.

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Hi there! We are sending updates every 24 hours. I’m sorry neither of you have received them. Could you please email me at snayyer@twitch.tv, I’ll make sure our team reviews and gets back to you, asap!


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Hey Dist, let me know if you’re still waiting to hear about office hours; sorry for the miss here. Glad to help schedule and resolve today.