2000 channels follows limit is too low 4 me self

2000 channels follows limit is too low

Hello, I follow a lot of people on Twitch, a lot of people have not started streaming yet, will probably do it soon or will not stream at all.

I find it impossible that the channel follow limit is 2000 follow.

Please increase the number to at least 10000 channel follows, so that I can follow more than 2000 channels & users.

Even on Youtube there is no channel following limit!

Please increase this, I have to delete users from my channel list all the time, which annoys me a lot.

I also find it very dubious for a streaming platform that there is such a limit at all.

At the moment I can’t see which channel I’m following because it’s no longer displayed in the browser since Twitch redesigned it.

2000 channels to follow are just too few, please fixt this problem.

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That is a suggestion for the Twitch uservoice.

Not the third party developers forum


Unfortunately the Twitch support doesn’t care about the User Voice Forum, see also the date of the post, which has been there for some time.

I find it hard ridiculous, from twitch.tv that there is a 2k channelfollow limit for other channels, I thought Twitch wants to be better than Youtube, there is no follow channel limit for the viewer.

No much I can do to help you here, beyond sending you to the uservoice where suggestions for the website goes.

This forum is entirely the wrong place for feature requests.

https://twitch.uservoice.com/forums/310240-channel-panels-settings-profile-notification/suggestions/38814076-2000-channels-follows-limit-is-too-low the twitch support do nothing :frowning:

Again, not sure what you want here.

This forum is for third party developer support, we cannot help with the issue you have described as it’s a first party issue, and you have already made a suggestion for the issue you have described on the uservoice.

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