2FA Not Working for Twitch?

Hi there! I’ve been struggling with the new 2FA feature on Twitch, specifically being able to obtain my streamkey, but as well as getting the 2FA actually recognized by Twitch.
On my profile under security, it says that I do have 2FA on (and it has been confirmed with my phone), but once I get into the actual channel settings, it says that I need to have 2FA enabled in order to obtain my streamkey. Even after disabling then reenabling 2FA on my account, it still gives me this same error. I have the Authy app downloaded, and it is giving me the right codes, but time and time again it will not show my account as Enabling 2FA. Is there something that I’m doing wrong, or does it lie with Twitch.tv?
(I don’t know if this changes anything, but I do have Twitch on my PS4 as well, as I’ve only streamed through it until today.)
Anything helps!

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Two Factor Auth is covered here: