3D open world avatar and sales interfacing

The old topics are fun ,life is great but what if . What if we had another option instead of this old focus of a flat visual web based platform and revolt into a highly customizable user interface . What if Twitch and Amazon website pages became 3d locations on a map you could travel with your customizable mount ? What if instead of us being colored text we become optional customizable players in this Now growing Twitch Universe .

I challenge you , forget all you know of twitchs current webbased interface,Amazons shopping experience and think of it all as a open world interactive environment . A global mapping that allows for group or singular customizable home construction. Avatar customization that you can earn or buy to best fit your vision. Game portals with user customizable avatar lobbies . A reinvention of the basic interface into a optional 3d Entertainment and Shopping World that becomes a gateway to all our media .

Shopping ,Videos,Music and Twitch can be a social rpg of its own. A multimedia merger based on customizable user avatars into a ad rich virtual environment that visually enhances media intergration into a real world shopping and social expierence. Streamer theaters, Movie theaters that interface with Amazon, shopping stores that have optional sizes and ad space , Customizable avatars and travel systems that you can earn addons or purchase addons . Its time and we can create a virtual world for all our needs.

All Amazon internet media managed by a new Twitch Universe online user interface. Don`t just be a customer ,a fan , a gamer or a viewer become a Creator , Shop with visual options you can see ,Socialize and Game with groups you manage in your Own customizable world with others.

Merge all you enjoy and conquer your dreams with Twitch .

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