404 - "These aren't the webhooks you're looking for"

I am having a problem getting webhooks to work. I have double triple checked, used my own data and used the exampel data and no matter what, I get the following response:

    "error": "Not Found",
    "status": 404,
    "message": "These aren't the webhooks you're looking for"

I have tested, for example, using Postman to POST to the following URL (with and without a secret).
EDIT: Just to clarify I am using a valid Client-ID (without it, a different error is returned which correctly complains about lack of Client-ID).


Any ideas why I might be getting the 404 message and if there is anything wrong with my query string?


I can’t get the same URL I successfully used before to work either.

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Webhooks aren’t live yet. The docs were published erroneously. Sorry about that!


@DallasNChains Ah! Thanks for explaining. Is there a public release date?

No public date yet! It’s soon though (as you might be able to tell by the docs :stuck_out_tongue: ).

@DallasNChains OK thanks for your help! I’ll keep an eye out as I would love to be able to get a live updating followers Extension built without breaking the limits on my Client-ID (once it’s installed on multiple streams) and webhooks seem like the way to go.

I thought it seemed odd that the docs were there but the road map still said in development… It all makes sense now

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