500 error code when calling useBits


We recently released an extension.

The extensions includes monetization using bits.

Today I tried to show it on my stream and whenever someone tries to use it they get an error message

Looking in the console we found that we are getting an error on the endpoint:

(deal_with_it) is the sku of the product clicked on.

I made sure of the following:

  1. in my developer rig - all products have “in development” set to false.
  2. My extension is released
  3. Monetization is enabled for my extension

Everything worked perfectly in testing mode prior to our release.

I would love to get some help with this issue, if anyone has an idea.

I attached a screenshots of the error.

Thank you!


Reinstall the extension to the channel.

Sounds like you have an occurance of Permissions _just don't work_ if a newly release if the test version was installed · Issue #359 · twitchdev/issues · GitHub