500 Error When Attempting to Buy Twitch Bits Product From Extension

Hey I used to be able to donate twitch bits using my extension when it was in development mode. Now it looks like it gives me a 500 error? https://www.twitch.tv/aaronkc Do I have to do something special to make this work? I want to put the extension out for another release but i want to make sure it works in prod!

The message is " Sorry, something went wrong. Please try again."

The extension is the panel is called Blerp. It’s right under the channel I linked! I’m just trying to figure out why buying the product on https://www.twitch.tv/ext/oafn7vvzfyzyccwrwrt233221oe5wq-0.0.4 works but buying it on https://www.twitch.tv/ext/oafn7vvzfyzyccwrwrt233221oe5wq-0.0.6 does not :slight_smile:

Does it work in the Dev Rig?

They changed something right before Dev Day at Twitch Con 2018, where only affiliated/partnered accounts can test Bits enabled extensions. But it should work in the Dev Rig.

Try to catch a console.log for the bits.getProducts() outside of the Dev Rig to see if that’s where the issue is. If you’re catching something there, then the promise is not returning because you’re not using an affiliated/partnered account and should be ok when it goes live.