503 ERROR on Twitch-Followers


I use the Bot called “PhantomBot” who is java-based. In the past the Bot runs very well, but from today i get the “message=offset to high”

Are there maken some changements on Twitch API with offset.

And also anybody knows how to change the offset lower on “PhantomBot”?

Thanks in advance.

Please refer to this post:

Yes thank i have read now that offset has been set to 1600.
Does anybody know how to edit a java class file to change the offset?


What library are you using to make the API request?

I use the PhantomBot


If you don’t access to the source code to make modifications I’m afraid you’ll have to ask the creator to fix it.

Hello omexlu. PhantomBot normally uses the high index calls to get a full follow list. Ill admit that it usually does this every hour instead of just once at start. The intention of hourly updates was to detect unfollows as well. The intention of the full download, besides simply tracking followers, is to allow follower only raffles, so this feature may not work properly until i can setup a solution. This error shouldn’t affect the follow notifications, but there may be an oversight that causes a problem. Ill work to disable the full download feature and stick to just downloading the latest 100 for purposes of notifications and try to get an update pushed to Phantom ASAP.

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Hi gmt2001,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortantly the follower notification are affacted from this problem.
I have streamed yesterday the hole day and no followers has been shown in chat or was rewarded.

I don’t use the follower system to count the followers ini INI-Files, the only thing i need is that the follower notification (with point reward) works again. The Bot is great all works, but i need the follow notification working again.

Maybe you know where i can get the offset fixed?


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