A Gmod Twitch Integrations mod?

So I was going to try and get a twitch integration thing going for gmod. I just want to make sure if this is allowed or not before I even try anything.

The Gmod addon is here: it’s a twitch integration addon that allows people from twitch chat to make votes on commands they can use.

The GitHub the steam workshop page links is here:

So, the instructions say to do this:
“1. Create a throwaway Twitch bot account. https://www.twitch.tv/ (Do not use your real account.)
2. Get the OAuth token for your Twitch bot account. Twitch Chat Password Generator
3. Start the program, and enter in the info it asks for.”

Is any of this even allowed? It’s ok if it Isn’t I’m just making sure so I don’t get in any trouble before I even try anything.
I really want to try and get commands people can use in game on twitch.
Can anyone help? thank you!

Nothing in the TOS disallows this*

Not quite sure why it requires a throwaway account, your own is probably fine.
But really the program should use the anonomous login to chat instead (depends if it needs to send or not)

And if it does need to send, then it can use your bots account.

*this is not legal advice I am not a lawyer

Also if you do need the bot to send messages, it’s not recommend to use 3rd party token generator sites. Using the Twitch CLI or following the Authentication Docs would be a more reliable and safer way to do this.

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