A odd display name


The display name has a space character after it.

No idea how it’s occurred. But I thought I should pass it on.
I’ve not dug into it, but it parses out as a \s in my code, but then I went and looked and there is a pace on the end of the display_name

flails in confusion

There are at lot usernames like that unfortunately. Some even have several hundred spaces.

Not accepting spaces as input and

foreach (display_name in database) {

problem… solved? :neutral_face:

Well naturally @livewhiletrue but I thought I would report the issue…

Thanks @george I’ll bear that in mind!

@BarryCarlyon I was actually poking fun at how the official Twitch developers ever let such a trivial thing happen in the first place :grin:

They’ve been notified before

Spaces in display names are valid, but currently require staff to add them. For example, https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/users/riotgames

Thank you all for the clarifications

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