A stream I mod For can Not use whispers

A streamer i mod for Danjakes plays a lot of user games and to keep it fair he whipsers codes to get iinto the games. however he sends a Lot of whispers and can not send or receive whispers if this has been posted already please direct me or help me figure out how to fix it for him.

It sounds like he’s being rate limited. You can only send so many whispers within a certain amount of time. The rate limits are listed here.

I’d recommend using the Twitch Desktop app or Discord for handling this sort of activity seeing as the rate limits are not really all that high and he will likely continue to be rate limited if he keeps sending a lot of whispers.

Duplicate of Whispers limit - Not using a bot - Can't send more whispers you got shadowbanned for spamming Users and not conversing in a conversation. Whispers are not for sending one string of jibberish to a bunch of different users and not having a conversation

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