A wager account setup system

I had an idea about adding a feature for wager matches? Like for example, both the streamer and the guest they are playing with log into a wager extension on twitch, they both put in 10 bucks or whatever, then after the match, the funds go to the winner? This take out the chance of guests who play with the streamer for wages from bailing out and not holding out their end of the bargain. This could be used for 1v1 stuff in games like CSGO or even in games like fortnite. I’ve seen some streamers have wager matches against viewers to see who can get the most wins or whatever, and the viewer end up not paying their end if they lose. Thoughts?

Extensions cannot process payments and the Bits AUP prohibits wagers:

Now the Don’ts that constitute violations of this policy:
Using Bits as a bet or wager or soliciting or accepting Bits for a bet or wager.