A way to be notified about channel events


I would like to be notified into my EBS about events like channel have been subscribed to or channel went live. I know there is a way to get it done using webhooks. If I’m correct being called by a webhook requires me to have something like transparent address, to be able to get a call from server, but I’m not sure I can provide it on this early stage of development. Is there an easier way that doesn’t involve polling? Like to open a websocket somewere?

Could you please show me the direction, it’s seems to be quite a regular thing to do, but still I can’t find an example.

You can get subscriptions events from





Webhooks and pubsub will require authorization from the broadcaster, which you already have via an extension, if you have “subscription status” enabled on the extension settings, just use an App Access Token generated with the EXT clientID and Secret (not tested that with pubsub myself)

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