About Ban for no reason

Hello, I got ban for no reason. Trying to contact with Twitch support, never getting any answer or something else. Only auto bot message. Is it your real help and support?

This is a developer community, no one here can help you with a ban.

Here is the support article on the subject, and instructions on how to appeal a ban should you wish to do so. https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/about-account-suspensions-dmca-suspensions-and-chat-bans

The continual pasting of that URL makes you seem like you are trying to advertise that site. You’ve also linked another non relevant site in a thread on a non relevant (to Twitch) question.

There is nothing on the site you keep linking that appears to be Twitch related. You tacked it on to the end of someone elses thread on a unrelated issue.

You have not been banned in any way on this forum, at time of writing

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