Accepted WebHook Subscription, and its not listed

I’m configuring a webhook subscription for followers, and receiving the response to my API:
&hub.topic=THE TOPIC

I responded with hub.challenge’s content with an HTTP 200 status code and GZIP compression.

When I check my subscriptions using the same Bearer token at
I get:


Ideas? Is there a way that I can debug further to check why the subscription was not completed?

If you are not getting topic data POST’ed to you, and the sub is not showing in the list.

I wonder if it’s the GZIP compression when you echo out the hub.challenge thats tripping? Have you tried it without GZIP?

@csharpfritz first question is how long between the webhook subscribe did you leave before checking the subscriptions endpoint. I have found there can be a small delay at times.

From the looks of the url and me doing the same sort of thing, are you using an Azure Function. If so Javascript or c#?

I ask as I’m running around 1300 webhook subs and 50% of those are follower hooks that go through Azure Functions into a CosmosDB

Issue found: the response from the subscription needs to be in text/html


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