Accepting PM's on Twitch with PIRCBot

I’ve found that using the onPrivateMessage doesn’t work for PM’s.

What is the PM system based on? I’m trying to have pm’s as a second option for commands to be inputted.


The documented way to handle whispers is using PubSub, not IRC:

There was/is an undocumented way to do it in IRC, and you can see here: Whispers on IRC

I have no idea if the IRC way still works anymore, last time I messed around with it was probably about a year ago

My bot uses whispers via IRC just fine.

I suggest using PircBot2 instead. There’s a section regarding receiving Twitch whispers with it.

Make sure to check this post out! Have a chat/whisper bot? Let us know!

Seems like PIRCBotX has what I want via UnknownEvent after enabling the 3 twitch capabilities.

Thanks everyone!

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