Access Channel Analytics via API


I’m looking to automate the process of pulling my channel’s analytics from my dashboard, but the closest I can find in the documentation is the Get Game Analytics endpoint, which seems to be for game developers rather than streamers.

Is there any way to obtain information like total/unique views, new followers, minutes watched, etc via the API?

Thanks in advance.

Like most of the dashboard data, you can’t obtain the analytics through the API.

It has been requested, I’ve asked for it myself at the Twitch dev tour as I do private analytics and access to some of these additional metrics which are not easily obtained would be awesome, but sadly no future plans have been made public about opening these, or other pieces of Dashboard data, to the API.

A lot of the points you mentioned though, such as total views, followers, minutes watched and things of that nature can be record yourself, you just wont have historical data.

Ah, that’s too bad. Thank you for the reply regardless.

It already is in the API, there’s a dedicated endpoint for that:[CHANNEL_ID]/analytics/sessions_summary?[PARAMETERS]

But if you try to call it, it says something like “this endpoint is not open for third party applications”.

So basically, for them, making that available is probably just removing one line of code…

It’s not in the documentation:

So it’s a undocumented end point thats not really for use by

third parties and could change at any time…

I know - my point is just that it already exists and would (really) not be hard for them to make available :slight_smile: It’s just a matter of them actually wanting to do it…

All social media give access to this kind of private insights for channels through their API, so it’s kind of a shame that Twitch still doesn’t.

You make it sound like it’s just editing a line or two of code, there’s much more to it than that.

As far as I know, there are no plans at all to release internal endpoints, or any new endpoint, through v5, meaning it would have to be worked into Helix. On top of that there is documentation, which is going to differ somewhat from other endpoints as a lot of the analytics provided by Twitch to the dashboard are less frequently update than other endpoints, so some understanding of how the analytics are updated would be needed or you’ll end up with some careless devs trying to poll the endpoints once a min for data that is updated daily, or even less frequently.

And on top of all that, there’s the privacy side of things. Analytics data based on end users being made available to 3rd parties can potentially complicate things if all the existing Twitch agreements already account for that.

A lot of my dev work is focused on private Twitch analytics, so I understand how valuable some of the data this API could contain can be, but with some smart thinking it’s possible to obtain the data yourself if you have the resources :wink:

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