Access to change game Box Art


I’ve been trying to get access to change/add my game’s box art, I have sent multiple requests to get access to the portal. But never get a response.

Could someone please look into this? Is there something else I need to do?


This should help:

I’ve tried all methods, and nothing. Have waited months without any response.

Does your game already exist in the directory and GiantBomb?

We’re having the same issue. I’m the QA Manager at Giant Sparrow and we just released What Remains of Edith Finch. We’d like to update the box art, went through the form and such, but nobody has heard back yet. Our game does exist in the directory and in the Giant Bomb directory. Can someone help us out?

GB link:

Much appreciated.

Yes it exists in Twitch Directory as well as GiantBomb.

Happy to help, what is the game?

Hi, here’s a link to the directory:

Thanks for your assistance, just got approved. :thumbsup:

Hey all, I’m experiencing the same issue here and would love a mod’s help please!

I’m a dev on Fort Triumph, and have already sent a request through Twitch’s form about a week ago with no response or means to follow on my request.
Here are all the relevant links:

Twitch Directory -
Art on imgur -
GB -

Thanks, Guy

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