Access to In-Extension purchases / payment system

we are the creators of the BOBMOB overlay extension. Our extension allows viewers to create avatars and interact with others, react to what’s happening in the stream, play minigames, earn loot, get additional rewards for subbing and cheering. All that is just the start.
This is the first teaser clip:

Amongst other ideas, we would love to add a shop/marketplace to enable streamer and team specific virtual merchandise to be sold in the extension.

Is there any way we can get into the early access programme?

Thanks for opening twitch for outside Dev teams btw, we love it!

We are also waiting for the in-extension purchases.
Twitch told, end of march it will be published.
Hopefully :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments and sorry for the delay! We think you’ll really like what we have in store in the next few months as far as monetization goes! Feel free to check out the latest roadmap update streamed live yesterday for more details:

At the roadmap, the point “Preview: Bits in Extensions” was on 24th April changed from “progress” to “Live”
But where can I find the information about it to use?

@curiosityGuy, thanks for your interest. Since the product is still in beta, we aren’t accepting new developers in that mix quite yet. If you are interested, please fill out your information here:

We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we’re getting ready to open it up to all developers to use.

Thanks for information.
We had filled out this form last week
Expect your answer with tension :slight_smile:

Hi! I tried filling out my information on that page and I keep getting an error when submitting. Is there another way I can get this information to you?

What kind of error are you getting?

Chrome gives ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, Firefox says “Secure Connection Failed”. Both show the url as

Happened on my home and work networks.

Thanks for flagging! The form should be back up and running now.

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