Access Token TTL and Revocation

Using the authorization code flow, I got twitch access token and refresh token. However, the access token does not have TTL. My question is:

  1. What is the TTL of access token and refresh token?
  2. What API can I use to verify access token?
  3. What API can I use to retrieve a new access token with the refresh token?
  4. How do I revoke token/permission using an API, rather than doing it manually through UI?



If I recall correctly, there is no TTL for the tokens (I am still using mine which are ~one year)

As for revoking permission - I don’t believe there is a way to do it via the API, the user would have to go into their Connections page and disconnect from there.


Thanks, @Larklen, that is what I read so far online. No TTL for access token and seems to be active until manually revoke it from UI. And no API to revoke token. Not standard OAuth implementation though.

You can verify a token (and the scopes it has) by calling the root end point of /kraken/

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