Access user information from third-party app?

I’m looking for a way to fetch logged-in user information from outside of Twitch. I have previously seen third-party apps redirect me to Twitch, where I consent to some information being shared with them. That’s what I am looking to do, but haven’t found out how to do it in the docs. Figured I might not know what exactly to look for.

For background, I’m developing a website that’s going to be the front-end to a chatbot, and want to give specific permissions to the channel’s moderators and broadcaster to edit things on there.


That is the purpose of oAuth

Your bot dashboard will provide a way for the broadcaster to provide their token
Then moderators login to the dashboard and you use the braodcaster token to check of the logged in user is a mod of that channel.

An example in nodeJS that demonstrates this “logic” of dual tokens

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