Account bugged? Commands not seen by some bots

Hey Twitch Dev crew! Thanks for reading and let me know if there is any clarification I can bring with more details.

I have been using KruizControl for a couple of years, every time it connects when OBS is opened, it would post a confirmation via my account name in chat.

Recently I’ve been working with a friend who is making a chat auto-battler, that does something similar, using your account to provide information to the players. While testing this application, there was a bug that spammed like 100+ lines of messages on my account and ever since, most bots don’t see my commands. For example - Nightbot does see my commands? But I think that’s cause that bot is physically in chat. But Kruiz Control and my friend’s game Chat Champions take over my account and actually use it - but I can’t get either to react to my !commands anymore and the KruizControl no longer posts in chat when connected. Have I been IRC limited or something similar? Very confusing!

Thanks again for reading and let me know if I can help sus this out!