Account Delink from Non-Twitch Game Site


I’m currently trying to find point of contact with Twitch integration engineer for the following questions:

  • Normally, user needs to visit Twitch account setting in order to disconnect other company’s account that is authorized to use Twitch account. Is there an API that allows user to delink other company’s account with Twitch from a different website, such as from another company’s account settings page? For instance, one company, let’s call it Nexus, provides their account link option with Twitch on their account setting page. Is it possible for Nexus to provide delink option between Nexus’ account and Twitch on Nexus’ account setting page? If so, if user delinks their account with Twitch on Nexus’ account setting page, can the user verify that account link (aka connections) has disappeared on Twitch account settings page as well?

  • Moreover, is there an API to check user’s account link/delink status?

Thank you.
Matthew Shin

Currently a user has to go to Twitch

Or you can use the API documented Authentication | Twitch Developers

Try any end point with a token, where a token is required, I like myself

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