Actual IRC commands for chat commands available?

When writing bots / IRC clients for Twitch, most of the commands are implemented as slash-commands, meaning we send a PRIVMSG, where the actual chat message starts with /command, for example /me:

PRIVMSG #<chan> :/me <message>

I know, however, there is a “proper” IRC command for /me instead: it can be send as CTCP ACTION. Seeing how the Twitch IRC servers send out some Twitch-specific commands, like CLEARCHAT, I assumed that other slash-commands have equivalent IRC commands as well. But my poking hasn’t resulted in any success yet.


PRIVMSG #<chan> :/delete <id>

can apparently not be send as

DELETE #<chan> <id>

Maybe there are equivalents for other commands though? Is this documented anywhere?

Send as .delete instead

The dot format works in “regular” Twitch Chat too btw

Hey Barry, thanks for the info. So you are saying to use this?

PRIVMSG #<chan> :.delete <id>

What’s the benefit of dot-commands vs slash-commands?

Anyway, I was hoping to find some information on whether or not there are “proper” IRC command alternatives for these slash/dot-commands. I’ve clarified the original question a bit. This is mainly out of curiosity, by the way. Sending the slash-commands seems to work just fine.

slash commands are a server instruction.

Twitch chat commands are sent via privmsg and parsed at the server

There is no proper IRC commands as you put it.

As twitch chat is not IRC it just has a IRC compatible interface

Yep, I do know that Twitch IRC is a modified version of IRC. As I said, they do implement their own commands that the server will send, like CLEARMSG, CLEARCHAT, GLOBALUSERSTATE and a few others. So I thought that if the server is sending those custom commands, maybe there are custom commands we can send to the server as well. But I guess that’s just not the case then.

Thanks for your input!

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