Add custom badges (in addition to subscribers one) to the chat

Hello there,
I’m currently developing a system of teams and mini-games in a twitch bot, which works with rewards and commands in the chat.
My question is the following: I’d like to be able to visualize the members of the different teams in the chat via a badge similar to that of subscribers, for example placed right next to them. I know this isn’t possible natively, so my post may be in the wrong category (Extensions maybe), but is it feasible with the help of an extension (twitch or browser)? Otherwise I was thinking of making my own site like TwitchChat (for example) but it’s not practical for viewers to have a separate chat in my opinion :confused:

Thanks !

There is no way for a developer to modify the appearance of chat and/or badges attached to chat members.

So you cannot do what you want to do.

Sure you could do something with a browser extension but that as barrier to entry for the user(s) and has additional complicates such as the user being on mobile (limited plugin/extension support) or already using a third party chat client such as chatty

Could however be worth a uservoice but I doubt it would bne worked on any time soon

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