Add game to organization and box art

Hey there,

I’ve been trying to get access to change/add my game’s box art, I have sent multiple requests to get access to the portal. But never get a response (neither through the submission or the support email).

Could someone please look into this? Is there something else I need to do?
This is the game: Spirit of the Island on Steam
We have it added to IGDB:

We participated during the Steam Next Fest (which recently ended) and I was hoping to add the game and the box art… but no response at all.

Thank you.

Currently as per the forum/console header, you are out of luck until July 11th at the earliest

The Twitch 2021 summer break will begin July 3 and run through July 11. During this time, Extension, Game, and Organization reviews will not be processed. We appreciate your patience!

Aah got it, thank you (totally missed that, LOL). It is because I believe my first contact attempt was early June :stuck_out_tongue: But I understand what you mean. Cheers.

one the holiday break is up, if you don’t get a reply in 3-5 business days, post back here and we can go fishing

Hey, any updates on this? :slight_smile:

Hi there- all requests have been followed up on but if you still need access, please let me know the name of the company and I’ll dig in.

What do you mean? I still don’t have the game added to my organization list… what should I do? I requested again, LOL.

It looks like the publisher currently owns the title (META Publishing). If you are with them, feel free to ping me on Discord and I can share the current owner of the organization. Otherwise, you’ll need to reach out to the publisher to get the boxart added. My username is ConcreteEntree on the TwitchDev Discord.

Thank you, I pinged you there in PM.

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