Add Support to Hide Player Info/Branding on Clips for use on Live Broadcasts

I was looking into creating a feature for my stream to showcase stream highlights based on Clips created during my broadcast similar to This would be completed using a CLR Browser Plugin through a program like OBS. The Branding/Player info wouldn’t be needed since you’re already going to be viewing the clip on stream so it would be redundant and would interfere with the aesthetics of the broadcast.

To get around the fact that the clip has ended it would probably be easy enough to create a js timeout that will execute based on the duration provided back from the end point.Though if there would be a way to do this without the extra js that would be awesome as well, but not critical for this functionality to work.

This could be extended to more features than just a quick replay. It could also be extended to having a “Previously on…” type of feature, or if you wanted to add a scene where it shows clips from that current stream. I’m sure there are a lot of other applications that you could use this for, but those were the main ones that I could think of. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about adding this type of functionality. If there is an alternate way to go about this utilizing clips let me know. The reason for using clips is to keep as much of it within the Twitch platform as possible and to add the extra level of interactivity on the stream.

We also are working on some clips overlay so streamers can quickly display a clip or the previous day best clips.

The controls and the notif messages like : “new on Clips: playback speed” , are making the experience quite wrong for users.

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