Add users to a queue list when they type a command

Hi everyone, so i’m asking for guidance on this bot I want to make, first off I would like to know if it’s possible to do it and where I could start looking for info on doing it, if anyone has any concrete ideas of the implementation of it that would be appreciated as well. This is what I want to do
*EDIT: I’m planning on doing it in NodeJS

  • I want to make a bot that adds a username to a queue list when the user types a command (!match) in the chat
  • Add the rest of the message to the queue list. For ex, they would type a code (XXXX#123) and it would be added to an array or something im thinking so it would be displayed like this: (I’m thinking I could do a regex for looking for the code in case they type something else)
    • Username: XXXX#123
  • Display this list to the streamer

Optional but preferrable as well: Give a command to the streamer that pops the oldest element of that array so that he can eliminate elements from that list as he goes through them

  • Pick a language.
  • Use an existing Twitch Library to connect to chat or write your own/use your own
  • Decide on the command and add programming to add uses whome run the command to said list, along with the data they pass.
  • Decide how to get that list to the streamer.

Personally, if I was building this I’d probably do it in NodeJS using my existing bot template. And store the list in redis. Then create a webpage for the streamer to use that displays the contents of the redis list.

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Thanks a lot for the tips, I was thinking of using NodeJS as well. As for the library do you mean something like “tmi”? I was looking into that on this link (

My idea was that he would run this script/project locally in his computer and was thinking of outputting it in terminal or something (hadn’t gotten that far), but reading your reply it seems I would need a DB (even being redis that will not actually store anything permanently) and preferably give him a website that displays this info, I think I better understand what you’re hinting at, he could run all this locally right? no need to host the webpage somewhere else I mean

I don’t use TMI I use my own code. So can’t speak to how good it is. But it does seem to be popular.

You could use write a JSON blob to disk, or if you are running it locally, have the bot provide the web page as well, then you don’t need a database at all, unless you want to be crash/restart safe

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Alright thank you so much again for the help

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