Adding a new game to our list


I spoke with someone here from Twitch previously about getting games added to our (Dovetail Games) list so we can set the key art - they talked about a more stream lined way to simply add a game to an existing account being worked on but I have looked and doesn’t look like this task was got to yet - OR - i’m completely blind, equally possible :slight_smile:

We have just launched our new Flight Sim World, which is present on Twitch as a selectable game, and i’d like to get Key Art on it - can someone in the know point me in the right direction - i’m sure i’m just missing something and would appreciate some advice :slight_smile:

Thank you!
Matt Peddlesden
Senior Producer
Dovetail Games

This should be added to your Dev Portal account. :slight_smile:

Hey DallasNChains

Many thanks for getting back to me and adding FSW to the list - really appreciate it.


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