Adding own text to Speech

Greetings. I have developed my own text to speech API, which takes some text to make speech and language of the text. API produces a sound file of this speech. Is there any way to enable my API in your service?

What servivce?

Not sure what you are trying to achieve.

This is the third party developer support forum for help with developing with Twitch APIs, products and services…

I want to do this thing:

  1. Someone donates some text;
  2. This text is then voiced with my text to speech API;
  3. Then the sound file is played on the stream;

Then build that.

What you refer to is beyond this forum.

Can you please provide some docs that will help me to do this? I am new to twitch API and I don`t know where to start. Thanks in advance.

There is nothing in the Twitch API regarding “donations”

Donations go to charity.

And Twitch doesn’t provide a donations or tip platform for streamers to use, beyond bits/cheering.

Okay, maybe you know which services are providing this functionality?

There are many that do that. (Which I won’t list for advertising reasons)

Streamers use whichever they prefer to use
And most already offer in house TTS.

Okay, thanks. Have a good day.