Adding streamer social-media + panel data to the Twitch API

The Twitch API is missing fields for getting a streamers social media links and data from the channel-panels-container. This was bought up earlier here below, but I believe the case was mistakenly shut down by assuming the channel description and these other content boxes are one and the same, when they aren’t. It would be really helpful to have these available via the Twitch API.

You should submit feature requests on Uservoice

Specifically this uservoice

Thanks; I’ve gone ahead and added a comment there. It’s interesting that the get endpoint referenced in that thread doesn’t have the social media or channel-panels-container data; instead- just the description.

@BarryCarlyon My apologies on tagging you; but I noticed you mentioned the Bio/ Social Links are gettable from the get-users endpoint in the link you provided. I couldn’t find those fields on the get-users endpoint however. I wanted to confirm whether you were referencing solely updating, not getting that information from the get-users endpoint? If so, do you know whether there are any plans to include social links/ channel panels with the get-users endpoint in the near future?

No I was referencing ONLY the biography

Not the social links

Get users will return the description

The description field

That is the nature of the Uservoice to request access to read/write the social links

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