Adverts not playing full amount


So basically when I run a 3 minute advert on my stream sometimes my viewers say that they do not see any adverts or that only one advert plays when theoretically, if I run a 3 minute ad that should be 6 30 second adverts…

Why is the full amount of adverts for the 3 minutes not playing and also do pre roll ads have a timer so that if you load the stream up for the first time in that day you get a pre roll ad but then if you load the stream up again it will not show a pre roll ad unless 30 mins has passed, how does this work?

I am a Twitch Affiliate.

Thanks guys!

This is a developers forum, so for specifics regarding ads you should visit

For a brief explanation of why viewers aren’t getting 3 minutes of ads being played though, it depends entirely on how many ads the viewer has watched recently, as well as what ads are available in the viewers region. It may simply be that pool of ads doesn’t have 3 minutes worth of ads that are suitable for that viewer so it played only the ads that were applicable. It’s entirely possible to run an ad break and for there to be no suitable ads available so the viewer just keeps seeing your stream.