Affiliate vs. Partnership Differentation?

Just wondering with the creation of the Twitch affiliate program if there were any plans on creating a flag to see if an account is an affiliate? Similar to how there is a flag on the /channel and /channels endpoint to see if an account was a partner or not.

I asked this question 26 days ago and it was said yes, but sadly no movement since then.

Well dang my apologies about that one then. We’ll give it time I guess.

broadcaster_type on


What are the possible values for this? I can see “affiliate” in the documentation but nothing about the others?

affiliate, partner or a blank string.

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How come this field isn’t further used to indicate staff, since /kraken/channels/:id has no type field.

Because ‘staff’ is a separate thing to the partnership/affiliate program. It’s possible for staff to also be a Twitch partner/affiliate.

If you need to see if a user is staff then there is the type field from<user ID>

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