Alertbox -DENIED :P

Hi Guys,

I see now there is alert box. But I am having problems using it with Iframes or anything else to make it useful… It is saying site refused to connect. Very much like to overlay to my website I have setup for streaming content to twitch.

Check here for what I mean<Username>/stream-alerts

Bottom right gives you a URL, that you can run in your browser and hit test alert… works great!!!<ID>

Any ideas on how to make that work? Tried the trick -

On June 10, we began requiring a “parent” to be defined in the embed URL, which specifies the website URL where you are embedding Twitch

Thanks in advance!

The alerts are not intended to be run inside an iframe, which is why it explicitly blocks you from doing so, they are designed to be the top level of a browser source.

The only supported embeds are Twitch Streams, Twitch VoDs, and Twitch Chat, as documented in the embed docs The parent param that you mentioned is for use in those embeds.

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It’s designed for use as a Browser Source URL

So you use it in OBS or similar in a source for type browser source.

Pretty much everyone on the dashboard has iframe blocking as it’s not supposed to be used in iFrames. But your streaming software directly.

You also shouldn’t be using it on a public website as the URL is a secret/unique to you and your alert box set.

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The plan was to Iframe it as an overlay. My “Browser Source URL” is safely hidden within a flask app and only the alert, when fired, is displayed/played.

Another thing, I am not publishing this site to the web. It is local to my network, packaged into a docker container, and another “streaming” docker container is relaying everything to twitch.

That way I can control and maintain uptime


I have submitted my feedback/request on the DEV page, so this may change.


Sounds like you need/want to build your own alerts, not jerry rig someone elses product to fit your needs

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