Allowed? Whitelisted Domain Links in Social Media Panel Extension

Hi, I’m building a social media based panel extension and am a little confused regarding the following notes from the docs:

  • Extensions that provide social media are allowed, provided the core functionality of the extension does not link offsite or offer features that directly compete with Twitch/Amazon functionality and features, and it is reasonably aware to users that they could be participating on social media through the extension

  • Panel extensions must submit a whitelist of domains requested for off-site linking

Based on this: if twitter is a whitelisted domain in my extension, can I link to the broadcaster’s twitter profile in my extension, since Twitter does not directly compete with Twitch/Amazon?

Depends what the extensions intended functionality is.

If the sole purpose is to link off site without providing any real functionality then it probably wont get approved.
But if you were to say show the users last 5 tweets or whatever and you had a view on twitter button I would think that would get approved.

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Assuming of course you also followed twitters guidelines on displaying tweets

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