Allowing identical chat messages


I’m developing a game that is played via Twitch chat and am running into the annoying issue of identical messages. I understand that it’s a safeguard against spamming, but I was wondering if anyone else has found any workarounds? I know that capitalization can be changed to allow, essentially, the same message to go through, but I’m not excited about trying to communicate that to the players.

Example case: User types !forward to move, but then wants to move more soon after. Typing !forward again would result in the identical message block.

Any ideas?


There is no way to turn it off so many interactive channels will do something like !forward 5 to count has 5 executions of the !forward command.

Thanks! I guess that should help a little at least. It’s probably on me anyway to make sure players can judge distance properly so they don’t have to repeat commands in small increments.

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