Alternative to /kraken/channels/:username

I’m working on a website and part of that project is to gathers statistics on users. The thing is as I do my for currently ~50 users it takes me ~40seconds, this is using file_get_contents from php.
I know there is that could greatly increase the speed, if only it worked on offline streams. So this is kind of a request/question. Is there a way to get multiple users channel information at the same time like with the streams?channel=user1,user2,user3 (when they’re offline) and if not would there be a possibility for the future to see something like this be implemented?

Alternatively, do you have any better idea on how I could go about this?
What I do is populate an array with all my users then start calling on every single user and populate my db.


I would also want to see this feature implemented.

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