An alternative proposal to RFC 0012

Hi everyone :smiley:

Some of you might have seen, reacted or commented on the upcoming extension update following RFC 0012.

I think this update is not going in the right direction and will bring several other problems for the development of extensions.

If you haven’t read the update check it here: Changes Coming to Component Extensions and How to Update
If you want to see the problems that this update brings:

I did not only point out the problems I also have my own vision of own things should be improved. This is a purely subjective proposal but I take a different approach than the current one so it can be interesting for some people.

I do base my idea on the update, but I go further to make sure we are able to do the transition without any major on the extension developer side so we can update little by little to ensure great user experience.

You can find my proposal here :

if you have any idea, questions, suggestion feel free to post :smiley:

I think the initiative here is great!

Its definitely something the Twitch team should take a serious look at and consider how to meaningfully implement some of the feedback here. I know the opinions express a lot of the feeling from the larger dev community.