An other look to the chat

~sorry for my english~
Currently its a basic box of rolling text; where you can’t see much, because for every new message the older ones move.
Im thinking of a new way to display new msgs, instead of rolling the whole page how about “moveing a border”? Its not hard to imagine, the msgs are still between the top and the bottom of the box,
but the new msgs replace the oldest one there is. This way a msg is in one place as long as so many new msgs arrive, that they fill up the box once again; then it repeats.
If you’re lost imagine a chat window that can fit 10 msgs, the first 10 comes in order, but the 11th replaces the 1st instead of the 10th, the 12th replaces the 2nd and so on… Now, because the last msg (the actual end of the chat) can be in any point of the window we must mark it, for example by drawing a red line below it. This line would trawel downwards.
To look back the chat history you could still do the same, reverse the process.

And before you rage out, no, just because there is a new way something can work, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the old one if you want to…

Suggestions for Twitch can be submitted to or if this is something you plan to undertake yourself it is certainly possible for you to design a chat layout in such a way if this is what you want but it does pose some significant design and user experience problems.

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