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Hi all!

I’m kind of new to Twitch developement world and I’m confuse.
I saw multiple post on the forum with a problem similar to mine but none of them have been resolved or answered.

I tried to publish an app on Google Play Store that uses Twitch Api.
However, they are not accepting it because apparently it violates their Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Content policy.
I’m using images that Twitch deliver throught the service and this is why I cannot publish my app now.
It seems that I need to provide a relationship document that proves that I can uses thoses images.

Well, I do not intent to go against the law, I can understand their doubts.
That being said, I tried to look everywhere on how to get an authorization from Twitch.

I already wrote to, (as mentionned in another topic) and their contact form (also suggested from another topic).
I’ve got absolutly no answer from their 3 contact methods.

Now I’m lost in this legal world and I don’t know that to do.

I’ve worked hard on my app and I would really like to publish it.

Please help :frowning:

Thank you!

are you specifying in your application, in the about section or 'third party licenses" that some of the content is the property of TwitchTV ? You have to specify it so user aren’t thinking you are part of Twitch staff or that it’s an official Twitch Application.

Also, add to the API some legal documents from Twitch like usage license of the API (? not sure it exists, it’s an example).

I hope this helped,
Have a great day!

Hum, no, I did not included any kind of legal documentation in my app. But I think that this a really good Idea.
At the moment I just want to release my app as Beta. I think I will add that information :slight_smile:

However, I feel like I’m missing something? I don’t have the feeling that adding this to my app will fixe my problem since Google is asking for a document that proves that I have the right to use the images (or any copyrighted content).
I looked at other applications on the store that uses also the images and they are not providing any “License” information.

I absolutly don’t know how to get an agreement document unfortunatly.
Do I need to register on first?

I still don’t know what to do with my problem :cry:

Anyway, thank you for your help this is really constructive and appreciated.

If you have any other information, let me know :slight_smile:

Please help :disappointed_relieved:

Google most likely has automated systems which scan your app store screenshots for copyrighted material. Depending on how you are using the images, you are probably covered by fair-use provisions of U.S. copyright law, in which case you do not need permission. Have a quick read up on it and work out if your case would come under it or not and then appeal to Google, giving them your reason and state that law.

I think the main problem here is technically you are using copyrighted to material to advertise your app via the app store screenshots. So even if you can use the cover art in your app under fair-use, you still wont be able to use them in your public screenshots as they may consider this advertising.

Maybe pick a few publishers you like and email them direct and ask if you can have permission to use their covers in your app screenshots. They may give you permission.

I agree with you, a lot of the process if probably automated.
I tought the same thing so I tryied something more during my Google’s approval process . I decided to ask them to review their decision. I believe that when you do that, a real person is reviewing the app since I had to wait 72h before the answer. I asked them the reason since there are other applications on the store that are using the same images. I knew that it would probably be a negative answer but I was expecting maybe some tips and hints. Obviously I did not received what I was expecting :expressionless:. Of course I did not sent them any legal document (Thanks for the fair-use information, I will have to read a little bit on it) at this point since this is not my field of expertise and I did not know what to send them without any answer from Twitch.

Well, you know, for my main problem I think that this is also for the images in my application. Look at the response from google : For example, your app’s store listing images contain several game posters.. In fact I would accept to just remove the screenshots that contains game covers in my summary.

I want to make sure that I have all the information that I need before reposting to google :unamused:

But you made me tought. In this situation, do I need to receive an authorization from Twitch or game publishers?
I think that contacting the game company to receive authorization is a good idea but I guess that I will run in problem with all the others that I won’t have?

Also, I read again Twitch’s developer agreement and at the begenning, here’s what it contains :
Apps: are software applications, games, websites, channels, and other digital products that you (a) submit to Twitch for license, sale, distribution, or promotion, and/or (b) which use any Program Materials, together with their enhancements, upgrades, updates, bug fixes, new versions and other modifications and amendments.

Related to this text, where do I “submit” my app?

It really depends on what your app does, but if you are only using the game covers to show information about Twitch streams for that game, then I would just remove the game covers from your app store screenshots. You should then be covered by fair use of the images for inside the app.

Ok, I will try to remove the screenshot with the game covers. I hope it will help :slight_smile: I will also try to introduce the fair-use.

For what the app do, basically this is a Twitch client that allow you to watch your stream. So I display the game covers that Twitch gives and it allows me to navigate in the app.
I do not intent to replace the orignal one but just to offer an alternative since I had some issue with the other one.

And also, regarding Twitch’s developer agreement, don’t you think I need to submit my app somewhere?
I believe that Twitch needs to be aware no?

I think by creating a client id in your Twitch account, you are also registering your app with them. You can read more here

Ok, thank you, I will try to play around all those information :slight_smile:
Thank you!

I will post the results when I will have some!

Well, I feel like I’m unlucky…

I removed the images that show game covers.
Unfortunately I got refused again :disappointed:

They don’t accept it due to copyrighted content again.
I feel like this is not the same “error” but I’m still lost, I don’t know what to provide in this situation :confused:

For example, your app contains: images from popular video games within the App Experience.

The only thing that I’m using in my app are images provided by Twitch (Game covers, Stream previews and community images).
I still don’t understand what is the difference between my app and the other ones available.

Well, if you have more hints, I would take them!

I’m not sure if Twitch gets the game publisher to agree to certain image usage terms when submitting box art or not. You may need to check this.

Are you sure this is referring to the box art? Do you have any other images that it could be picking up on? Are you saving the images locally to the APK, or are you fetching them dynamically via the Twitch API?

I would imagine because they did not approve it the first time, this second time was a manual check by Google.

To be honest, right now, the best thing you can do is contact Twitch legal team and ask them about how you can use the box covers when fetching them via API. Make sure to give them as much detail as possible as they wont give you an answer unless they know all the facts. Then for the time being, if you really want your app published, just comply with Google and blank out the game covers and use text instead.

It’s a bit of a grey area between fair-use and copyright infringement, my guess is Google have started being cautious to new apps on the store. If there are older apps which use the same type of images, Google may be letting it pass because there has been no complaints for a year or so.

I found some links where the uploader of video game box-arts have given some very good points for the case of fair-use of the images. Maybe take a look at them and see if your use would be the same. If so, convey those points to Google when appealing.

Well at this point I’m not sure of anything… I believe that now this is not only the box art that is the problem. I use the game cover, stream preview and communities images.

At the moment I do have a caching system… Could this cause problem? I fetch all the images from Twitch’ service dynamically but I “cache” them to make sure that I avoid recalling the service for the same images. If so, I surely can remove this system.

I will try to contact the legal team again since they did not answer the first time. I will try to put as much details as I can.

I really would like to publish it, I’ve worked hard on it. For sure, sadly, the only option that I see right now is to put only the text. Maybe it’s gonna be the temporarily solution.

Also, thank you for the links, it seems interesting to see how they handled the fair use!

Thanks for your answers! :slight_smile:

I will post the results when I will have some news.

I only asked if you were storing the images in the APK, because I thought maybe Google was scanning the APK file. Looks like they definitely manually checked it in your case. I think caching to RAM is fine, just not saving to disk.

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