Animal Facts backend not running

I went through Hello World and Hello World pubsub just fine. Got to Animal-Facts, and running the backend has it close immediately without error or logging. I’m using the desktop developer rig and following the steps here to no avail.

The issue you’re describing is a known issue. (

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Thanks. That sucks cause it’s all over their extension documentation.

Do you have Node installed on your system?

Yeah. Installed that, Go, and yarn for it.

And having checked I looked in the wrong DIR, yeah it’s go not node, which you say you have installed. But the backend should run if you boot it directl

Have you tried running it the backend not from the rig.

The rig may not be able to locate and run go and thus it’s insta closing/not behaving

Failing that, you can still go look at the code to see how it works, the example is just an example and not really production ready. So you can look at the code to see how it works and go from there

Twitch extension stuff is all very new to me, so I wouldn’t know how to run it without the rig.

It’s something you need to learn then.

As if you get an extension “live” the rig cannot run the EBS/backend for you anyway.

Any links to the documentation on this? I was also under the impression from the pubsub docs that a small backend could be run on twitch’s end.

Not really no.

An EBS/backend server/service can be written in any language you are comfortable writing.

A Twitch extension, is essentially a website, where the front end is “dumb”/has no server side processing/template rendering, and is on a separate server to the backend/database/other stuff.

You an broadcast to PubSub from the config page and/or the front end, but most PubSub stuff will be sent from an EBS, that Twitch won’t host for you, Twitch only hosts JS/HTML/CSS (and any images you want to put on their CDN instead of yours).

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I’m hoping to make a voting thing, so I could probably cram it all into some JS stuff. Thanks for the info!