Animal Facts Configuration API/React Question

I’m trying to figure out how to get my demo to hit this line: I guess I need to read over these docs:

Is there a separate “configuration” for broadcasters, developers, and global. For my extension?

Somehow the “developer” config segment is never set by the Go backend in main.js in the randomFactHandler() function.

Yes… There are three segments,

  • broadcaster
  • developer
  • global

As per the docs you linked to.

As per the github repo

Sets the broadcaster segment config.

But the developer segment config in part by the EBS, in part via calls in


The “front end” will change the broadcaster segment happily in this example, but the developer segment is changed by the EBS.

Which is performed via this API Endpoint:

TLDR: randomFactHandler() in the front end only changes the “animal” and loads the “facts” from the developer segment that the EBS uploaded.

Hope this helps.

Super helpful! I got the thing working earlier today after replacing a log of my tweaked files with clean ones from github. So awesome. Thanks!

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