Announcing the Native Developer Rig Beta

In case you missed it yesterday, in our Monthly Developer Update, we unveiled the beta build of the new Native Developer Rig, a rebuilt version of the Rig focused on usability, stability and speed. Some of the improvements you will notice are cosmetic in nature. More technical improvements include a streamlined installation process that removes the dependencies that developers previously had to install manually. Our goal with the native Rig is to get you building Twitch Extensions with less clicks.

To get started with the native Rig, you just install it like an app, and you’re ready to go. Currently we support MacOS and Windows, with a plan to support Linux in the near future.

To see how the native Rig can take you from install to Hello World in less than 2.5 minutes, check it out this live demo we ran during our Developer livestream:

We’d love to get your feedback and have set up a beta test program. If you want to join the beta to use the new Native Developer Rig, sign up here

Thanks for being part of the community!


Hi - the sign up link doesn’t seem to be working (December 31st) - are we still able to get access to the new rig?

The Developer Rig no longer exists (and this beta is loooong dead)


for that and possible replacements