Anonymous connection to Twitch chat

When we browse Twitch without being logged in, we can not participate in chat but we can read chat. This seems to suggest that there is a way to connect to Twitch IRC without authenticating. Can this be done with the protocol or how could this be achieved?


where xxx is a random number

it does not have a password


So you’d just skip the PASS command and simply do this?

NICK justinfan123

PS: Barry, you literally started typing a reply 4 seconds after I posted this question. I’m starting to think you are actually a secret Twitch AI project. :slight_smile:

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iirc I pass a pass BLANK

where blank is nothing.

But here is an example from a incognito


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Thank you, Barry!

One follow-up question: is it important to pick a number that isn’t currently in use? In other words, can the connection attempt fail if we choose a number that’s already in use? Or what’s the correct strategy to pick the numeric suffix?

I’m usually sat on justinfan9999 or justinfan9001 or justinfan1337

I’ve not had a connection fail from reusing the same ID.

Since a regular user can connect to chat multiple times anway

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He is… Don’t tell anybody though. It is top secret.

Thank you for understanding!

Just adding some additional information from my own tests in case anyone comes here looking for more details:

  • the USER command does not seem to be required for Twitch IRC; sending it seems to have no effect
  • anonymous connections don’t seem to work with an empty string for a password, but just using a random string seems to work
  • there doesn’t seem to be a length requirement for the numeric nickname suffix, I’ve successfully tried with 20 numbers

To recap, this seems to be the syntax:

PASS <random_string>
NICK justinfan<random_number>

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