Another "would you rather" tutorial question - live_config?

Hi, having trouble with live config portion of the tutorial going. The viewer choose 2 questions, and the streamer is supposed to see them in the Live Config page. Sorry noob question here, is this the Live Config page?

If so, all I can do is configure questions for the viewers.

I noticed there was a field in the console “asset hosting” tab for a live config file, so I filled it with “live_config.html”. Still not working. Thoughts? Thank you!

Live config page is the dashboard/quick actions.

The cog on the page in your screen shot opens the “normal” config view


Config Path is the Cog
Live Config is the Twitch Dashboard/Quick Actions

Oh got it - thanks!

Clicking on the Quick Actions button, I am presented with this window:


When I click ‘Click to see WYR questions submitted’ … as far as I can tell, nothing happens? Where should I look to find the submitted questions?

Much appreciated!

I don’t know

It’s your extension.

it goes to wherever you setup the Javascript to do

:+1: thanks again!