Any add on for firefox to play twitch video?

I love using fire fox seen I got it, I have a friend who streams and when I found out I need to download. Last time I did this for youtube it never worked, so I found this add on that lets me use HTML 5. So I just to know if I can make it work for twitch or find an add on for twitch

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

There is no addon to play HTML5 video for Twitch at this time. The streaming protocols for HTML5 are still lacking in implementation. Twitch uses HLS, but it is not supported by any desktop browsers besides Safari.

Yeah this is a long time ago recently got version 30 of fire fox and adobe flash player v14
Hopefully this’ll work fine

Hi, the best way to download and play Twitch videos is ZeTwitch

Try here ^^

Hi, you can use to download the videos. It works best.