Any alternatives to /kraken/channels/usr/follows?

So I’m new here and I’m looking to start streaming, tho I like perfectionism and having control over as much as I can.
I’m looking to make my own notification system with my own damn fancy css animations, and I’m starting with a follow notification.
I’ve been reading about the api and everything, and I’m surprised not to have found this question yet.
Fugiman has said various times along the years that this follows page is cached for 5 minutes. I can’t disagree with this decision given the amount of hits it must get, tho I’ve also read tools like TwitchAlets do this rather well, not too sure tho since I haven’t actually tried it myself.
The js sdk doesn’t seem to be the solution either, given the only events it currently has are “auth.login” and “auth.logout”.
So does every follow have to wait the time left for the next caching to get his/her name on the stream or is there another way?
Thank you for your time : D

For new subscribers a lot of people use the chat notification.

New subscriber:

← :twitchnotify! PRIVMSG #CHANNEL :USER just subscribed!


← :twitchnotify! PRIVMSG #kCHANNEL :USER subscribed for X months in a row!

I accidentally typed sub in at the end, I actually meant follows.
I know about the subs, and I know it shows the message, there are multiple ways of doing it, rather easy. There just seems to be no way for follows, and I don’t think I’m gonna have a lot of subs when I start so that’s why I wanted to do follows. Also chat is kind of dangerous because if you don’t ban certain “strings” ppl can just spam.

Twitch Alerts gets a list of new followers and SPREADS THEM OUT over a period of time so it looks like a steady stream of follows instead of a batch

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